Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ted Hayes Update

A slight change in's the new & improved info for this weekend:

Choose Black America to Hold Chicago Workshop and Press Conference:Defending the Legacy of the American Civil Rights Movement Against Illegal Alien Advocacy Networks


Choose Black America (CBA), a coalition of black American leaders and veterans of the American civil rights movement will hold a press conference and workshop aimed at defending the true legacy of the struggle for civil rights in America.


Among the press conference participants will be:

Frank Morris - chairman, CBA and former dean at Morgan State University
Ted Hayes - national advocate for the homeless and founder of Dome Village in Los Angeles
James Clingman - former editor of the Cincinnati Herald and founder of the Cincinnati African American Chamber of Commerce
Kevin Fobbs - president, National Urban Action Council and radio talk show host
James Spencer - Los Angeles-based entrepreneur
Terrence Lang - [details to be added].


Saturday October 21, 2006

Press Conference 11AM at Adalberto United Methodist Church is 2716 W. Division Street, Chicago, Il 60622.

Workshop 3PM at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, 9300 West Bryn Mawr Ave. Rosemont, IL in the Pan American Room, Lobby Level


The legacy and the symbols of the struggle of black American to achieve equal treatment under the law is under attack by a network of illegal alien advocacy organizations. Equating the demands of illegal aliens for amnesty and other benefits, to the black civil rights movement trivializes the historic injustices to Americans of African descent and the heroism of those who fought to overcome racial discrimination.

Chicago is the epicenter of the illegal alien advocacy network's attempt to co-opt the moral legacy of the civil rights struggle. Illegal alien advocates are shamelessly exploiting the memory of Rosa Parks, by comparing her stand against racial injustice with that of Elvira Arellano, an illegal alien seeking to claim the mantle of civil rights in her effort to evade deportation.


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Darrel Hudson said...

Greetings :)

If you are sincere about the illegal immigration issue you want to talk to me.

My name is Darrel Hudson. I am composing "The Export Freedom Initiatives". This is the legislative breakthrough that can address the crisis. Polls suggest that as many as 90 percent of Americans are more than ready for it. My sense is that you feel the same way.

It takes mental discipline to finally escape the gloom of the consistently repeated rants now heard in nearly every American home and do what responsible citizens are meant to do. Which is recognize the need and build the answer. I ask you now to rise out of the rant, set aside the rough emotions of the issue, and join me in an ongoing purpose-driven discussion.

I have a weekly political television show and I want to join forces with a few political-minded individuals. My hope is that you are a person who would like to "influence the culture". (the American culture). If so would you join me in a radio and television discourse devoted specifically to the subject?

Please take a moment and view the Immigration segment of my TV show. Anyway, please take a look, then let's talk about improving it and focusing tv and radio programming on the issue. click:

To be very precise I would like to "partner up" with advocates on this issue to bring it into a wider spotlight. In this you and I will build a "media voice". It will take the best of the (grassroots) political voices and showcases them as internet-radio features.

If you're interested and possess the ambition, and resourcefulness to see the nation awakened AND inspired, let's join forces and make history.

People tell me I should run for president. If this interests you please work extra-hard to get back to me. Please reply to me at: darrelhudson (@) --AND --axialageman (@) --AND director (@) axialage,com

Looking forward ...

Darrel Hudson
"Voice of The Revolution"
Green Bay Wisconsin

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